The use of certified heaters for Atex environments, that is, environments with potentially explosive clouds, is envisaged in every industry that handles flammable liquids, vapours and conductive dusts or gases, such as oxygen, LPG, CO2 or any other blend found in pressure vessels.
The heating of containers used in these environments does not allow for the use of standard insulation covers but requires the use of ones designed with specific characteristics capable of providing different levels of safety.
During dispensing from pressure vessels containing such substances, the temperature of the tanks and cylinders may drop considerably, greatly reducing the mix of gas inside.
Heating the tanks with the Rimatek Atex insulation covers , allows you to keep dispensing constant thus preventing a variety of problems.

Certified heaters for ATEX environments – examples

In the case of manufacturing environments that need to heat machinery or production plants with condensation and vapour dust, Rimatek can provide Atex approved insulation covers that prevent electric conductivity and therefore the risk of explosion.
In industrial environments with the need to maintain a steady temperature and heat pipes in explosive environments, we can offer complete insulation and antifreeze solutions, with the laying of Atex heating cables complete with fireproof insulation covers.




  • Atex heating jackets for gas bottle

    Gas cylinders

  • Drums and caged plastic tanks

  • Large tanks

  • Atex heating blankets

    Customised atex

  • atex custom

    Customised atex

  • atex custom

    Customised atex

  • Atex custom

    Customised atex

Atex heating jackets for gas bottle


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