Rimatek manufactures heaters for industrial equipment, heaters for diesel oil filters and solutions against paraffin crystallisation on diesel filters.
In a number of situations, it may be essential to heat filters or oil valves, or particular components applied to industrial machinery to improve performance or avoid operating problems.
Pipe tracing systems are supplied as well as systems to protect against freezing on pipes and filters through which fluids run, for example, in the generators.
Our filter heating systems can be customised according to the customer’s needs and, given the wide scope of use of this solution, we have created a diesel filter heater that can be supplied in the small series or in different sizes.

Industrial machine heaters – examples

We have also developed customised filter heating solutions in the field of industry to be applied to diesel engines for high current generators, fixed and mobile fuel pumps, with the main aim of ensuring a fast start up of low temperature engines and preventing the machines from blocking.

Rimatek has also produced special heaters for filters, pipes and valves applied to plants and military equipment used in operating areas with harsh climates and when special requirements are made for maximum reliability.




  • Custom small

    Small customised insulation cover

  • Test laboratory

  • Machinery
  • Heating jackets for machinery
  • Loading hopper

    Insulation cover for hoppers

  • Custom small insulation

    Insulation cover for printer

  • Termocoperte piccole su misura

    Insulation cover for printer

  • Custom heating jacket

    Insulation cover for central unit

  • machinery insulation
  • Insulations blanket for filters

    Oil filter heater


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