It is increasingly more common to solve specific wood-handling issues with useful products for the protection of structures and antique furniture, both large and small, even if infested with woodworm.
For environments where chemical products cannot be used or wooden structures cannot be dismantled, Rimatek has developed a specific product for professional use that eliminates the problem of woodworm, moulds and dampness.

We can provide woodworm pest control and environmental hygiene companies with a woodworm control heating system to treat wooden beams and trusses or vast size wooden surfaces, capable of working with a zero impact on the area, without dirtying or polluting and without having to dismantle wooden parts damaged by insects.

By wrapping the Rimatek woodworm control heating bands around the beams, suitably positioned, and connecting them to the 220 volt electrical socket in any room, it will be possible to eliminate the insects in a short period of time.

Heating systems for wood treatment – examples

We have developed special heating systems for ovens and mobile treatment rooms , maximised to eliminate parasites, moulds and moisture in furniture and stabilise wood, especially at the restoration stage.



  • Woodworms Treatments

    Woodworm treatment system

  • Woodworm treatment system


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