The IBC heating jackets is ideal for keeping at a stable temperature liquids, resins, or other materials used in industrial processes during the winter season and contained in IBC tanks (Intermediate bulk containers). The ibc heating jackets can be used to heat the ibcs and pre-heat the substances with a different temperature from the ambient one throughout the year.

The antifreeze version of the ibc heating jackets, because of a lower heating capacity, is more suitable for preventing fluids contained in IBC tanks from freezing, while the P version (enhanced) of the IBC heater can reach higher temperatures.

  • The ibc heating jacket regulation of the surface temperature is possible thanks to the electronic control unit 0-80°C (antifreeze version) and 0-100°C (enhanced version).
  • 230Vac power supply.
  • The power cable of the ibc heating blanket (0.5m) is equipped with an IP68 connector for the electronic control unit.
  • Weight: The heating blanket weighs 8 kg, the lid 2.5 kg, and the control unit 2 kg.
  • The outer fabric is made of polyester and is WR-FR certified, the inner fabric is also made of WR-FR certified polyester in the antifreeze version, and of aramid in the enhanced version.
  • The enhanced version is equipped with semi-rigid aluminium panels inside.
  • The insulation is made of reflective mineral wool.
  • There is an internal shielding layer with grounding.
  • Ingress Protection Code: IP X4
  • IBC heating jackets Certification: CE.
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    To prevent the product from freezing: TI_CIST antifreeze heating blanket with T602.A control unitTo heat the product even in the hottest seasons: TI_CIST_P enhanced heating blanket with T602.A control unit

    Yes. The temperature of the contents will be checked thanks to a specific control unit + probe. (code T602G + T805)No.



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